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Latest update on using the Mermaid Cup for the first time today! I do CrossFit everyday even when I'm on my period and previously had to depend on tampons. They were NOT comfortable. I worked out using my Mermaid Cup today.

Today's workout included:

Handstand holds (do a handstand with our heels on the wall above our head, meaning we were upside down!)

Did 24 heavy bench presses where we had to lie down on a bench and really brace our core and butt.

Did a total of 45 overhead squats with a weighted barbell. It was heavy and I had to brace a lot and bore downwards to engage my entire core. I did full below parallel squats for every single rep.

Nothing popped out and not a single drop of blood leaked. WOW.

My previous cups leaked and once it leaked quite badly in the middle of my workout 

Honestly, this cup is amazing! No regrets getting it at all.

 -             Joanne Foo

I really like the cloth pads because it wasn't itchy at all for the first time ever. The smell was not an issue at all, and it was really comfortable. I don't have an issue with absorbency, the M pad was really good enough for one day. If one can settle the logistics of washing the pads, it really is the more comfortable option. I don't mind sacrificing a bit of convenience for comfort, the pros really outweigh the cons

-          Chua Kai-Ning

have tried the liner for 3 days and it really surprised me!! feeling awesome and bye bye itching,rashes and smells

will sure to support this products in near future...gambateh!!

- Joyce Loh

Hi Yeelin, sorry for getting back to you so late . I finally get to test your sanitary pad & absolutely fabulous !!! Love everything about it ... , it's so breathable & soft .

- Alice Fravi Soo

Hi Yeelin, 1st day using the liner. Really super comfy... Don't feel hot and itchy down under as compared to disposable liners that I normally wear

- Jes Chg Lee

I have always wanted to switch to cloth pads, after all I used cloth diapers on my kids. But somehow I was hesitant, worrying about leaks,stains, being grossed out to wash my own pads. I finally made the leap to cloth pads and am loving it so far. Mermaid...i love the pads, it is so much more absorbent than I thought as I have been having heavy periods lately...I was worried it would not be absorbent enough. But I was wrong. I find the S & M are sufficient for day time use unless your flow is so heavy you could use an L. I thought the L and XL sizes to be great for overnight use the length and width are ample to prevent any leakage from the front or back. Honesty I was worried if I will be grossed out to wash my own pads... And getting the blood out with no leftover stains. But I was ok, there was no smell and I wasn't grossed out!! There are some stains on the pads from light days but it's very light and I have no issues with it. Best part is I don't have stinky trash cans anymore and less garbage!!

-  Ms D Lee

I have always been quite concerned about the waste that goes into our landfills and how it impacts the earth and the future of our next generation. When I found out about cloth pads, I became intrigued and was very keen to try. I ordered the Mermaid range and was surprised at how absorbent and comfortable they were. Washing was a breeze too. I feel so glad now I can at least reduce another source of my waste.

-Yvonne Lim

I tried them and I find them comfortable. Your pads are very generous in length. Therefore, I only need the S for my day use. Best of all there is no staining after wash.

- Mooi Yeng

My first order is (mermaid size M and L ) cloth pad. What attract me was due to my curiosity (I just want to try out this new thing) and this cloth pad has its benefits on feminine care at reasonable price, even come with one year warranty. I follow the "wash and care FAQ" , it is actually easy to use and wash the cloth pad. When use, I did not feel it existence at all since the cloth pad is breathable. Therefore, I decided to order another 2 pcs Mermaid size S cloth pad and wet bag for my next period. My advice to new buyer like you is "Dare to make changes for yourself. No one could care for your feminine care more than you do".

- Yean Ling

I bought these pads with some reservation as my daughter is picky and sensitive about quality and feel of most pads. We tested with a small initial purchase. The Mermaids were soft and comfortable to touch, very absorbant and functionally as good as the non-recyclable ones. We're pleased with Mermaids.

- Cristy Yeo

I'm a curious happy user. Thanks to the pretty and friendly boss for explaining and bringing this product to my life. Been using those super slim and absorbent disposal pads for years, this cotton mermaid pad seems a little big and bulky at first BUT it's definitely comfy and "clean". Just like she said, I don't feel itchy, even for long hours, and it's not smelly AT ALL. Amazing! Washing it is a little disgusting at first, and definitely takes time to wash it, compare with the just-throw-it-away pad. But everything comes with a price. Being eco friendly will require certain effort. Being healthy and clean is a matter of choice! Waiting for my second purchase, am trying mix of mermaid and moonlight pads of different size. Can't wait for next period, but I hope to see the two lines on the stick as well! Hahah!!! Thanks friend! Hope you find this encouraging and keep going!! Support!!

 -Amy Lee

 Thank you again for making such wonderful products. I must mention the mermaid wash is very convenient and I cannot live without it now!

- Remus