Why Cloth Pads?

By switching to cloth pad, we not only reduce the number of used pads that goes into the landfills, we also promote a healthier living for ourselves.

Do you know that most disposable pads nowadays are made of polyacrylate super absorbent gels derived from petroleum. The materials used to manufacture most pads are derived from the petroleum. That is why the disposable pads these days are getting slimmer and thinner.

I know the idea of cloth pad sounds rather intimidating. To be honest, the main reason for me to switch was not because I wanted to save the earth. It was because I am allergic to regular disposable pads regardless of brands. Initially, I thought the itch and odour was normal, until one day the itch and rash was so bad that I Googled and it suggested "Cloth Pads".

Cloth pad is not new to me, but the idea of using it WAS. When I first saw this type of product, I asked myself, who in the world would use a cloth pad? It was the kind of thing which my mom would tell me that my grandma used to use and I would look at her in disbelief. Who would use a cloth pad now? It's like, menstrual pads HAVE to be DISPOSABLE! Who wants to wash a used pad?

On the other hand, I was also telling myself no harm trying, if it doesn't work just chuck it away, but if it works, then great! There I go, shop for my first cloth pads. When they arrived, I was so excited to try them on. However, they were just bulky and not the right size for my liking. I tried it on for my next period, it did solve my problem of itch, however, I think it could be made better.
Ok, since I know how to sew, I might as well DIY, it doesn't look too difficult after all.  I started sourcing out for fabrics and start making them.
I want it to be comfortable and absorbent. I play around with different materials, shapes and sizes, until what I think is perfect.
I think everyone of us has the power to change, for a better self, for a better world, one pad at a time.