MermaidCup™ Guppy Menstrual Cup Pretty Purple for low cervix (Firm)

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MermaidCup™ Guppy Menstrual Cup Pretty Purple for low cervix (Firm)

Our MermaidCup™ Guppy is designed specially for low cervix cup users. A few of our cup's features include:

- A customizable stem 

- 360° Beautifully finished with no visible seam line that cuts through the cup

- A variety of beautiful colours to choose from

- 2 sizes to cater for different user groups

  • Size 1 - general guideline, for women below 30 and has not given birth through the vagina
  •             Volume 14 ML below air holes and 24 ML to the brim, diameter 45 mm, cup body 40mm, stem length 24 mm

  • Size 2 - general guideline, for women above 30 and/or has given birth through the vagina
  •            Volume 16 ML below air holes and 28 ML to the brim, diameter 48 mm, cup body 40mm, stem length 24 mm

- Risk-free 100-day money back guarantee, just contact us directly if it doesn't work for you within 100 days from the Date of purchase

- 12-month 1 for 1 exchange warranty if any part of the the cup is torn

- As we support naked packaging, a MermaidCup™does not come with any box, it will only come in a cotton drawstring pouch and a care card.

Please visit our MermaidCup™ Info page to find out more.

 A Quality Product by Cotton Mermaid designed in Malaysia, manufactured in China with 100% Imported Japanese (Shin-Etsu) Soft Medical Grade Silicone

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    Posted by Elaine on 13th Jan 2023

    Ive tried several brands over the years. Im petite with a low cervix and after several births. So finding the right cup has been difficult. Some leak, some slide out, some are uncomfortable and some gave me infections because of the material. I purchashed the Cotton Mermaid firm which worked great but was really difficult to get out. So they sent me the soft version and....finally!!! The perfect cup. No leaks, no sliding out, no infections, easy to remove, super comfortable. Thank you for making my periods easy.

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    Posted by Kerry on 9th Apr 2020

    I’ve tried quite a few cups, and this is definitely my favorite. I need a higher capacity, but anything else gives me awful cramps or falls out. Hands down better for me than my Saalt soft.

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    Guppy Cup Small

    Posted by R Furness on 28th Feb 2020

    I've been looking for a new cup that is good for a low cervix for a while, previously I was using the merula cup and after a few months of use of the guppy cup I can say I'm torn between the two.

    I made a mistake in buying the small version so this review might be more positive if I'd bought the large. I was used to not needing to empty my cup too often with the merula (it has more than double the capacity of this cup), while with the small guppy I cannot get through a 5 hour shift at work on my heavy days without leaking.

    Getting the guppy cup inserted and open is quite easy (I prefer the 7 fold with this cup), however I have trouble with removal. I miss the ladder stem of the merula cup and find it awkward/uncomfortable to use 3 fingers to break the seal and pull down on the stem/cup at the same time (my hands are a bit weird though so I doubt this is a problem for most).

    I like the firmness of the guppy cup (it is much more comfortable than the merula which is very firm) and I don't think it adds to the pain of my cramps the way the merula cup did.

    Overall, I'm happy with the mermaid guppy cup, however I would like to buy the large version in the future.

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    Best overall menstrual cup for short or tilted cervix

    Posted by E L Taylor on 12th Feb 2020

    I own around 10 different cups from different brands and different sizes and fits. This is the only cup that I can wear on light days or heavy days, when my cervix is up front or in the neck (yes, it moves). Also, I never feel it, it doesn't push up against my bladder, is 100% comfortable. Because it's not firm, you have to develop a technique for placing it, but now that I've done that, I'm good!

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    Guppy cup

    Posted by on 26th Dec 2019

    This was a perfect medium between a short cup, but long enough stem. It is pretty firm, but, not uncomfortable at all. I have a fairly short cervix and tried other cups but had a harder time with removal because of the stems. I left this one long and it does slightly stay out, but I don’t feel it at all and it helps removal. I have a heavy flow and when I emptied this after 4 hours it still wasn’t full. So, although smaller sizes, still holds a lot.